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Used Car Buying Guide Formula Exposed!

Proven 3 Step Formula To Buying a Used Car And Staying Street Smart!

Used Car Buying Guide Formula

Can’t Decide on What Car to Buy?

Formula 1:
Here you will get the most powerful questions to ask yourself to discover what type of vehicle to buy and identify other requirements you will need to suit your needs, wants and lifestyle…If you’re buying your first car or perhaps your car is worn out and you’re looking for another vehicle to get you on the road again, then go tyre kicking with a purpose by knowing the right vehicle to buy…

Don’t Know if You’re Making the Right Buying Decision?

Formula 2:
You must seek first to understand then to be understood if you want peace of mind that you are making the right decision before handing over your hard earned cash. Remember you don’t want to buy a vehicle that you have to put money back into this is why I will give you some powerful tools so you can have confidence and the ammunition needed to negotiate the right price and stay safe…

Don’t Know Exactly How Much to Pay?

Formula 3:
Once you have your arsenal bag full of ammunition – Facts from formula 1 and formula 2 to use, I will show you exactly how much to pay for a used car using the Trade Price Equation that will save you money…Guaranteed!


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Whether you’re Buying a Used Car from a Private Seller, Car Dealer or Car Auction ? Or even just planning it, you’ll soon find out that there are a lot of things to think about before you actually make your final buying decision and negotiate the best deal.

Craig Jones Profile

Craig Jones

Who Am I?

My name is Craig Jones, a qualified motor mechanic with over 20 years experience and owner/operator of BPC Pre Purchase Inspections in Brisbane Qld Australia.

I Will Save You Time…Headaches…&…A Ton of Money! Guaranteed!

My Guide to Buying a Used Car can be applied Anywhere In The World!

Are You Asking Yourself Any of These Questions?

  • How do I know what type of car to buy?
  • How do I know if the seller is telling me the truth?
  • How do I narrow my search list to make the final product decision?
  • How do I buy a mechanically sound vehicle?
  • How can I be sure I won’t have to spend money on after purchase servicing or repairs?
  • How do I know Exactly how much to pay?
  • How do I negotiate the best deal?
  • How do I protect myself and give myself peace of mind?

These questions might sound familiar to you – and they should! They are some of the most common questions asked by used car buyers when buying a car privately, car dealer or at a car auction. If that is you, I have something you need!…

My proven three-step-formula…

  • Will guide you from the very beginning of the buying process to the very end to find the right car for you…
  • Will teach you how to gain an unfair advantage in negotiating the lowest price and getting the best deal…
  • Will show you how to protect yourself from getting ripped off!

My Secret Is Exposed! Why?

Operating my business that specializing in Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspections I see first hand the minefield that the used car market place is and how uneducated car buyers can get ripped off by buying a lemon or part of some car selling scam that wastes their time, money and gives them a huge headache.

Don’t Buy someone else’s car problem or pay too much for the car – sure there are price guides for different used vehicles but it’s just a guide, Click Here to Buy “Used Car Buying Guide formula” because it has helped thousands of car buyers and guaranteed to help you too…

Image of Used Car Buying Guide Formula eBook

In this eBook, I will guarantee you a proven three-step-formula designed for the non – mechanical person that’s informational, instructional and that guides you from start to finish in the buying process…

…also how to get a vehicle history check to protect yourself, how to use the trade price formula to gain an unfair advantage in negotiating the lowest price and getting the best deal all this plus much more…so you can find your first or next dream car with confidence, safety and peace of mind.

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Used Car Buying Guide Formula
Used Car Buying Guide Formula
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Image of Buying A Used Car Guarantee

And you don’t have to worry too…Because your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed! It’s important to me that you discover what’s inside my eBook (and get your dream car without getting ripped off! ). So I want you to feel safe pressing the link and claiming my eBook.

So here’s the deal. Get my eBook today and browse through it (or read the whole thing if you’d like).Take up to 60 days to see what you think and…


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check imageIf it doesn’t show you how to protect yourself then I’ll refund your investment ASAP. I won’t ask any questions and we’ll part as friends.


Thanks for reading,
Craig G Jones

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P.P.P.S My second question is do you want to save money? If you follow the proven formula you will not only discover how you can save money on purchasing the car but how you can save money in the long run as well.

Remember this formula not only saves you time and money but takes away the headaches and stress that can be associated with buying a big ticket item…wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the buying experience instead of dreading it.

Thank you for taking the time to discover this fantastic eBook. You’ve seen how it can revolutionize your buying experience and keep your hard earned money in your pocket. All you need to do now is say yes to this great offer so you can get out in the market place with confidence