Grab the free used car inspection checklist for buying a used car from a private seller to learn more about a car’s history, condition, and value to make an informed buying decision.

Man kneeling down inspecting car wheel and tire with free used car inspection checklist before buying a used car.

The checklist for buying a used car from private seller includes action steps and bill of sale receipt templates.

Also, great for multiple car inspections because you can narrow your short-list down of possible used cars to buy to find the best one. This saves you from having to get multiple pre-purchase car inspections by a qualified mechanic.

Your FREE Used Car Inspection Checklist Includes:

7 Action Steps To Spot The Red Flags

Not sure how to spot the red flags when buying a used car privately? I’ll give you the 7 most important steps to take so you can avoid scams and getting ripped off.

DIY Used Car Inspection Checklist

Success in finding the best-used car is knowing what to look for when inspecting a used car. This DIY used car inspection checklist takes out the guesswork, and lets you weed out the lemons fast!

Buyer’s/Seller’s Receipt Forms & Checks

Buyer’s and seller’s receipt forms to record important information – and check for proof of ownership before handing over your money!

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Hey, I’m Craig Jones.

I’m a qualified mechanic with 30+ years experience inspecting and buying used cars. And author of Buying A Private Car eBook.

Check out some of the cars I have inspected for my customers in my business.

Now, I’m sharing everything I know with my USA friends to help you know what to look for when buying a used car from a private seller, dealer or auction so you can find good cheap cars for sale, avoid the scams, and buy a reliable car.

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